Thursday, September 12, 2013

MBA: Your Gateway to a Brilliant Career

Higher education is gaining importance in the present times. Many people are seen applying for post graduate courses in order to get a better profile and package. Among the various post graduate courses, MBA is ranked high in terms of prospects by most people. A number of companies are seen hiring MBAs at the top positions in order to achieve the company’s objectives.

What does an MBA have that a normal graduate lacks? MBA graduates undergo two years of rigorous training to sharpen their managerial skills and hone their talent. These two years go in sharpening their knowledge along with polishing their interpersonal skills. It is more to do with the aura of an MBA than with the experience they might possess. Companies in present times need such people. A company needs a person with a good presence of mind, innovative thinking ability and great communication skills to fill in the managerial positions. This is why MBA becomes a value ad to all those people who take up this degree. With an MBA the student gains access to all these capabilities and, thus gains brilliant positions in the company. .

With a MBA degree in hand, the person is qualified with entrepreneurial skills along with good communication and negotiation skills. This comes handy for a company in many ways. The MBA holder with a marketing degree is able to hold top positions in Sales, Marketing and Advertising. For a MBA with finance, opportunities in investment banking, analysts, operations in banking etc. open up. With every MBA specialization, there is a new road being paved for the degree holder. There are endless scope and opportunities available for the MBA degree holder.

Ahmedabad has emerged as a hub for education. It has been attracting students for quite some time for various types of courses and degrees. Neesa Institute of Management Studies, Ahmedabad offers you MBA degree with specializations in Finance, Marketing and HR. Very recently they have come up with a new specialization, media studies.

With an extensive infrastructure and, well equipped computer labs and library, this institute offers a wide range of modern amenities to its students. This institute is a part of the Neesa group thus offering its students hands on experience and, other industry integration programs thus making them industry ready. Enthusiastic and excellent faculty members are the strong binding pillars of this institute and, they design courses that enable the students to handle real life corporate situations.

This institute is also present in Jaipur and, another establishment is all set to open up in Neemrana in Rajasthan. This institute promises to offer its students an amazing MBA experience that is not limited to classrooms.

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